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Count On Thomas Marshall for Business and Real Estate Appraisals

Through my company, Marshall Appraisals, Inc. in Orlando, Florida, I provide business and real estate appraisals, expert witness services, and other special services. Trust in my expertise for:

•Allocation of Assets for Real Property, Personal Property, and Intangible Assets
•Estate, Business, and Partnership Interests Valuation
•Estimation of Discounts for Lack of Marketability
•Federal Regulatory Compliance Appraisals for Financial Institutions
•Historical Conservation and Recreational Easement Appraisals
•Insurable Losses and Damages
•Leasehold, Leased Fee and Income Analysis Using Argus Financial Analysis Software
•Market and Marketability Studies
•Right of Way, Easements, Avigation Easement Appraisals

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Specific Interests

Throughout my career, I have acquired specific skills and abilities in various areas. My interests include:
•Appraisal Review for Legal Support and Testimony
•Complex Valuation Issues
•Valuation of Major Income Properties
•Valuation of Partial Interests, Easements, Insurable Losses, Allocation of Tangible and Intangible Property Rights

Expert Witness

I have testified as an expert witness for various courts throughout many states, appearing in the Florida Circuit Court, the Louisiana Federal Tax Court, and the Federal Court in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. I utilize my exceptional knowledge to offer expert testimony to make your case stronger.

Land Issues

My experience also covers environmentally sensitive land appraisal issues, transferable development rights, and development restrictions. I have completed such assignments throughout the state of Florida.


I have conducted appraisals throughout numerous states, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado, and Nevada. My appraisal services are available for the following:

•Apartment Buildings
•Automotive Retail Stores
•Large-Scale Subdivisions
•Nursing Homes and Adult Congregate Care Living Facilities
•Office Buildings
•Shopping Centers
•Super Regional Mall Market Studies
•Timeshare Developments